Childhood hardships and health effects

Children who suffer through hardships have better long-term health if they have enough beneficial experiences also.

Childhood hardships and health effects
Childhood hardships and health effects

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  • It is generally the case that there is a relationship between hardships suffered and subsequent negative health effects.
  • Beneficial child experiences, on the other hand, such as having good friends and a good relationship with a childminder, can neutralize harmful experiences.

“If your child has experienced trauma and you’re worried about the long-term impact it could have on them, these findings show that the positive experiences in childhood lead to better adult physical and mental health, no matter what they have faced,” - Ali Crandall, BYU.

  • The presence of four or more adverse childhood experiences considerably increases the possibility of unfavorable health issues, among them being obesity, smoking and depression.
  • Positive experiences that neutralize harmful experiences include having good friends, liking school, having teachers who care and having opportunities to have fun.