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This inventory will estimate your standing on five broad domains and 30 sub domains of personality. These broad domains cover normal differences in personality that should be obvious to people who know you well.

The original IPIP-NEO inventory contains 300 items, while the short IPIP-NEO was designed to measure exactly the same traits as the original IPIP-NEO, but more efficiently with fewer items.

Type theory

Type theory suggests that human behavior is not random but predictable and classifiable. You will be placed in one of sixteen types, based of your answers to this questionnaire. Discover your type out of 16 possible types, and learn about possible career choices, and your type's compatibility with others.

"Fun and informative tests, I shared them with all my friends. Great way to better understand folks."

Matthew McAvoy

Individual traits

An individual number of traits, that measure aspects of your personality are examined with these questionnaires.

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