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Brain dominance

Brain dominance

Most tasks require that we use more of the left or right side of our brains. By carefully analyzing the task at hand we will be able to see our strengths and weaknesses and make better decisions. Here is a lists of characteristics associated with each side of the brain.

Left brain functions

  • linear reasoning approach
  • analytical
  • verbal/words
  • articulate
  • logical
  • responds to word meaning
  • reality
  • likes to make plans
  • controls right side of body
  • sequential processing
  • pays attention to details
  • prefers symbols
  • likes writing
  • math: arithmetic, algebra
  • narrow minded, selective

Right brain functions

  • holistic reasoning approach
  • conceptual
  • nonverbal/illustrations
  • difficulty explaining ideas verbally
  • intuitive
  • responds to emotions/tone of voice
  • creative and imaginative
  • impulsive and spontaneous
  • controls left side of body
  • random processing, looks for patterns
  • lacks organization
  • prefers concrete real objects
  • likes drawing
  • math: geometry
  • flexible, variable

Left and right brain strategies for learning

There are various study techniques and strategies that you can apply depending on your dominant side.

The right brain is considered holistic while the left brain analytical and linear. Left brained individuals prefer to learn with specific details while right brained individuals prefer to be presented with the big picture and then discover the details. Right brained individuals would benefit from reading an outline of the material that they are about to learn. It would be helpful for them to make a quick review before the lecture, for example by reading the introduction of the book and the chapters to be covered.

Right brained individuals are more intuitive while left brained individuals are more logical. Right brained individuals are more skilled at sensing when an answer is right even when they cannot prove why it is correct. They can make sense of information that is not immediately apparent and therefore are better at instinctively arriving at correct answers. Left brained individuals should trust their intuition more when they are not sure about an answer, for example in a multiple choice question they should go with their first choice.

The left side of the brain is better at memorizing words and formulas. Right brained individuals prefer concrete and real objects that they can touch and see. They are more visual and may benefit from visualization and mnemonic techniques that would help them remember words and numbers.

Left brained individuals like to complete tasks in a specific order while right brained individuals are more random and lack organization. Right brained individuals would benefit from keeping a schedule and focusing on time management. They should concentrate on pressing issues and delay tasks that can be completed later.