1. The interview  begins and you are asked if you take a different route home every night. Which of the following more closely applies?

A. Same route
B. Sometimes take a different route
C. Usually take a different route

2. You are at a restaurant with a prospective employer. Salting your food before you try it may indicate that you

A. Act impulsively and make hasty decisions.
B. Lack confidence in other people's skills
C. Always react the same way in response to certain decisions
D. All of the above

3. You are driving in a car with a prospective employer. It is important to drive safely and be alert at all times because risky driving can indicate

A. Aggression
B. Alienation from society
C. Impatience
D. Nontraditional views
E. All of the above

4. You are at a lunch interview with a prospective employer. Who should pick up the bill?

A. You
B. Your employer
C. Whoever initiated the lunch meeting

5. You are asked to say something about yourself . Which of the following would be best to talk about

A. Career
B. Recreation
C. Family



1. Indicates level of creativity. The more times you take a different route home, the more creative you are.

2. D. All of the above

3. E. All of the above

4. C. Whoever initiated the lunch meeting

5. A. This is an open ended question that identifies what is important to you. It is generally a good idea to talk about your work related experience relative to the job that you are applying for. You should only offer personal details when asked or if they contribute to the goals of the company.


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Very interesting.
I especially liked the jungle test in the fun tests.
- Dan Bierenga


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